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Space Planning and Room Design

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Dallas Metroplex and Austin Space Planning and Room Design

When you hire a designer, you want not only a beautiful room, but a room that works well for its intended use.  An office that’s cramped, cluttered and busy won’t encourage careful reflection, just like an expansive, empty living space won’t encourage a cozy feeling of home.  The designer’s job is to use space planning as the foundation of successful room design.


Room Design Revolves Around Architecture

A good designer should not begin with swatches or paint color—s/he should begin with a blueprint.  Every room has its own unique features, and with that blueprint in hand a designer can begin to envision how to maximize a space and best use it for its intended purpose.  We do just that—and if there’s no blueprint in hand, we carefully measure and sketch out the room to allow us to design intelligently and carefully.


Space Planning Is Necessary in Any Room

Designing an office? It’s probably a good idea to know where the electrical outlets are.  Organizing a playroom? What’s the storage space like and where are the potential dangers? Creating a cozy master bedroom retreat? How large are the windows and what size bed will the clients want?
These questions may seem mundane or even obvious, but they are the heart of effective design.  At Doris Younger Designs, our goal is to create not only a beautiful room but a functional one as well.  We can help you reorganize your existing space, create an entirely new room, or renovate an area of your home to create new functionality.  We believe in maximizing the space you have so that you can use it most effectively—and we do that through careful planning and strategic design choices.
Let Doris Younger Designs show you how we can improve your space through both design and planning choices.  Give us a call or send us an email.



Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

The evolution of furniture from utilitarian to artful is often a key to the manners, mores and means of other times and places.  In that spirit and just for fun, here are “romance” stories about some of those pieces picked up over thirty five years of studying and practicing interior design.  Are they true? I don’t know for sure but if not, I’m sure at the very least they contain seeds of truth in the development of traditional furniture styles and, as I said, just for fun……. Read More fun stories here.