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Doris Younger Designs is ready to help you create the dream with excellent Interior Design ideas. Experienced Interior Designer for the Austin & Dallas Metroplex areas of Texas!

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Interior Design

Doris Younger Designs provides commercial and residential Interior Design services for Austin Texas & the Dallas Metroplex. We specialize in Remodeling and new construction projects.Read more...
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Space Planning

We look forward to helping you lay out that perfect room or office you have been dreaming of. Read more...
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Kitchen Remodeling

Struggling with where to start on designing a kitchen? DYD is here to help! Let's make magic!. Read more...
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Window Treatments and Bedding

More than any other element, windows define your home’s or office’s architectural design. The right window coverings can enhance a beautiful room’s good qualities, take a cheerless space and make it a sanctuary, and transform plain nondescript windows into decorating assets for your home or office.Read more...

Full Home Remodel

In 2017 Doris Younger Designs took on a wonderful project in the Metroplex with a young couple in their first home. A complete home remodel is a whole new life experience for our customers. We transformed their new home into their dream home and the process couldn't have gone smoother.








Don’t Get Overwhelmed - Consult A Professional

Any remodeling project can seem overwhelming at first. Trying to estimate expenses, choose what materials best suit your needs, and exploring financing options are just a few of the big decisions that need to be considered. Remodeling any room means that your daily routines will be disrupted for a while. It means you might not have use of that room while work is ongoing. However, all of those daunting decisions and stress can be lessened if you have a plan.

Any good remodeling plan begins with consulting a design professional. Doris Younger Designs takes pride in making the remodeling experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible for you. We’ll help you figure out what can be done within your budget, and how to finish the project with as little upheaval to your life as possible. We can advise you on the best time to have the work done so that you get the best value and the least amount of headaches. Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll get started on creating a beautiful space that is uniquely yours.


Remodel the Kitchen in Summer Months

A kitchen remodel is one project that greatly increases the value of your home, but it also can be quite inconvenient. If you’re planning a full remodel, keep in mind that you might not have access to your kitchen while work is being done. You may want to consider planning your kitchen remodel during the summer months if you have school aged children. We can remodel anytime of the year to best accommodate your schedule. In Texas we are lucky to have very pleasant weather for most of the year which means that you can cook a little more outdoors on your patio or at your fire pit. Cooking outdoors means that your meals will be delicious, healthy, and you’ll save money by not ordering takeout or dining out every night during your remodel.


A Work Schedule to Meet Your Needs

Everyone’s circumstances are different. We all have work schedules and family events that need to be considered when planning an interior remodeling project. We can work with your personal calendar to accommodate the best timeframe for you. We are happy to advise you on every aspect of your home project. Your remodeled home should be a place of happiness and comfort.

Contact us as soon as you are ready to start planning, and we will help you figure out the best time to get the work done with minimal disruption to your busy life.

About Doris Younger Designs

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Interior Design by DYD

Doris Younger Designs is a full service interior design firm specializing in the creation of fine residential and commercial interiors.  We strive to make the design experience truly enjoyable by being sensitive to each client’s needs while guiding them to achieving a well designed space that is uniquely beautiful, functional and personalized.  “We take ordinary settings and make them extraordinary”.

DYD is best known for a quality approach to Total Interior Design and for being able to interpret a project to each client’s taste and personality.  Starting with the conceptual stage through construction and selection of finishes, furnishings and accessories, at DYD communication and excellent service are emphasized.  Adept in a wide spectrum of interior design styles, consider letting Doris create a beautiful, stylish and workable solution for you.


Awards and Reviews Doris Younger Designs

2013, 2014, 2015 Best of Living Magazine

2014, 2015 Best of Houzz

2010 Design Ovation Award Winner
Remodel – Singular Space – Second Place
Texas chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
Circle of Excellence Award
Ethan Allen's top national award for Design Excellence, Sales and Service
Design Excellence Award
Ethan Allen's top national Design Award

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Checklist For Meeting With A Designer

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Before you ever speak to an interior designer, take some time to think about what you want, what you need, what you can afford, and what is most important to you.  The designer you hire will be able to advise you on specifics, but to get the result you want, it is important to do your homework first.  The time you spend will be well worth it.

Once you have determined the scope of your project, spend some time considering the “look” and options you want. Putting together an idea folder or scrapbook of your likes and dislikes, wishes and dreams is a great way to begin the design process. Look for pictures of rooms or interior design ideas that appeal to you, swatches of fabric, paint color cards, furniture catalogs or brochures, etc. These will stir your imagination and help the interior designer better understand your preferences and tastes. Include information and pictures of appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinet and door hardware, and flooring materials as well, if these will be elements in your room design. Finally, consider how much you want to be involved in the project. Do you want an interior designer who will work with you, or do you want the designer to take charge and provide you with options? Clarifying your expectations will help you and the designer to communicate well and ensure the result you want.

Read more: Checklist For Meeting With A Designer

  • Doris Younger Designs provides commercial and residential Interior Design services for Austin Texas & the Dallas Metroplex. We specialize in Remodeling and new construction projects. "Not only is the creative design of your space important, but also your health, safety and welfare. Your environment, whether at work or at home, has a powerful influence on your well being, productivity and comfort."

  • Window Treatments come in a dazzling array of styles that will suit any decor. When done correctly they can add charm and character to your home. Doris Younger Designs can take the guesswork out of deciding which designs are best suited to your home's design style.


  • Extensive partnerships with contractors and vendors uniquely positions Doris Younger Designs to facilitate Interior Design projects from inception to completion, while providing the vision, resources and experience to interpret your unique needs creating a timeless design for your home or office.

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    One of the best things you can do for your home’s resale value is bathroom remodeling, but it’s also one of those home renovation projects that can easily become overwhelming. With one of the best interior designers in Dallas, TX at the helm of your project, who is an expert in all styles of bathroom design, you’ll get exactly what you want within the budget you choose.

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    Texas Interior Designer Turns Regular Rooms into Retreats


    Doris Younger Designs, one of the premier interior design firms in Dallas, shows you the power of having a well planned and designed room.

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  • Choosing Color Scheme Part Four

    Use color to create a mood within your room design.

    Think about the emotional and physical needs that you have for each room of your home separately. Let’s start with the family room, as an example. When you walk into this room, how do you want it to feel? Analyze the way you plan to use the room. Then ask yourself questions such as these: Do you want the room to help you relax you after a long day at work? Or perhaps, you would prefer it to revive you as you relate to family? Perhaps you plan to entertain there and want it to be a place that stimulates conversation? Do you want your colors to reflect the mood of the lovely garden outside the window, or a special view? Is the room too bright or too dark for your purposes?


Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

The evolution of furniture from utilitarian to artful is often a key to the manners, mores and means of other times and places.  In that spirit and just for fun, here are “romance” stories about some of those pieces picked up over thirty five years of studying and practicing interior design.  Are they true? I don’t know for sure but if not, I’m sure at the very least they contain seeds of truth in the development of traditional furniture styles and, as I said, just for fun……. Read More fun stories here.