Summer Kitchen Interior Design Projects
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Summer Kitchen Interior Design Projects

Maybe one of the reasons you have put off your kitchen home renovation project is not just the expense of the project itself but also the cost of having to feed a family with restaurants and pre-packaged convenience foods. It’s not healthy and it can be a budget killer, not to mention adding time and stress to an already busy life. But summer is grilling season, and with a few strategies courtesy of one of our favorite interior design and home renovation blogs, Investopedia, you may find that the process is not as annoying as you imagine. 




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Prepare for Your Home Renovation Project


Ideally, you’ll start planning for this project early in the year. First, consult your favorite interior design expert—Doris Younger Designs is a great option in the Dallas area—to put together a plan and a budget. Putting your space planning into the hands of an expert can help you maximize your budget and get the room that you really want, with maximum storage and minimum DIY disasters.


Once you have planned out your project, around the holiday season, you can start hunting for deals on appliances, fixtures, lighting, cabinets, tile, or whatever else you might be, during Black Friday or New Years clearance sales. If you do need to special order anything, planning this far ahead for your interior design needs means that everything will arrive in plenty of time.


Warm Weather Means Outdoor Eating


During your renovation project, capitalize on the amazing weather! If you have planned on installing a complete outdoor kitchen, tackle that project first—it will help you save money as your interior design plan becomes reality in your (indoor) kitchen. With a grill and an outdoor burner, you really have everything you need to cook outdoors. Take the time to move your refrigerator to another room or, if you have room, into the garage. Use disposable plates and cutlery if you can’t wash somewhere else—or don’t really want to turn a tub into a kitchen sink. Take advantage of sales on summer fruits and great grilling vegetables and enjoy the adventure. With Doris Younger interior design on your side, your new kitchen renovation project will be completed on time, on budget, and will be exactly what you had dreamed about when you first thought about it.


Give Doris Younger Designs a call—we can chat with you about your home renovation project, your goals, and how our interior design experience can make a real difference.


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