Choosing Color Scheme Part Two
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Choosing Color Scheme Part Two

Some people are lucky in that they have loved one color best since they picked out the red block as a toddler. Others developed a strong love for a given color over time. But many are confused and find they like nearly all colors. So how do you determine the best colors for your home and what you can live with over time?

1) Look in your closet. Most of us have figured out what colors we wear well and have one or two colors that dominate our wardrobe. In many cases, this might be a good starting place, especially when selecting colors that you want to flatter your skin tones - - for example, your master bedroom.

2) Look through a stack of decorating magazines or books from the library. Look at dozens of interior photographs, ignoring the furnishings and architecture of the room. Just look at the color scheme and jot down the ones you like, AND the ones that you don't like. There may be a color scheme you find appealing just once or twice. But the ones that you repeatedly note are far more likely going to work for you over time.

3) Be aware that if you select colors that are not in fashion, you will have far less to choose from and may have to be patient. But patience pays off if your home is satisfying to you over the long haul.

4) It is as important for you (and your designer!) to know which colors and color combinations don't work for you and why.

5) Try to remember the very first room you ever really liked (or didn't like) as a child. It is amazing how early color experiences influence our likes and dislikes.

Remember that great homes and color schemes are timeless.

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