A Kitchen Remodel Adds Happiness and Value
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A Kitchen Remodel Adds Happiness and Value

Most real estate professionals will tell you that a kitchen remodel will add the most resale value to your home. An upgraded kitchen is one of the strongest selling points to prospective buyers. However, resale value isn’t the only reason to consider a kitchen upgrade. The kitchen is truly the heart of most homes. Who doesn’t have happy memories that center around family and friends gathered in a kitchen? It’s where family meals are prepared and enjoyed. It’s where holiday treats and birthday cakes are baked. The kitchen is the place for long conversations over cups of coffee and glasses of wine. Upgrading your kitchen will transform it to a stylish haven, where happy memories are just waiting to happen.


Practical Planning for Your Kitchen Upgrade

There are many things to consider when planning a remodel project. A practical consideration when planning your new space is the “kitchen triangle”. This is the triangle of space between your stove, sink, and refrigerator. The smaller this triangular space is, the more efficient you can be while preparing your meals. Also, the fewer steps you have to take between the “points” on the triangle will increase safety. Safety, as well as functionality, should be a consideration in planning a kitchen remodel. You don’t want insufficient counter space, cupboards that are too high, or a tight closed-in workspace. Everything in your kitchen should be easy to reach safely, with minimal effort.


Create a Remodeling Plan

Take some time to study your current kitchen. Are there features in your space that you want to keep? Perhaps your existing cupboards can be refaced, instead of having brand new ones installed? Or maybe you live in an older home, and are ready to bring your entire kitchen into the 21st century? A total kitchen remodel can be an intimidating project. We will help you make a list of what you absolutely want to have done, then a list of secondary priorities. Once we get your ideas down on paper, the overall project should seem less daunting. With your ideas in hand we’ll work to bring your vision to reality.


Good Lighting Is Essential

Good lighting is an important part of the kitchen. Not only can you choose visually appealing fixtures, but you can make sure the lighting is placed in optimal positions. A good overhead light is very important over the kitchen triangle area and under-cabinet lights can brighten up dark countertops. If you have an eat-in kitchen, dimmer switches or mood lighting can be utilized to create a relaxing or fun dinner atmosphere.

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