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Is Your Home Out-Of-Date?

Sometimes we've been looking at our surroundings for so long, we don't realize our homes have so many out of date elements. However, if you've ever tried selling an out-of-date home, you've probably had an extra long wait for a sale! Here's a checklist to help determine where your room designs are dated.


You have stained wood paneling. Today the walls are integral to the overall design concept and paneling was static and not part of the style. We use wonderful finishes now that join the style, whether that is venetian plaster in a Tuscany style or a contemporary room with sleek, glossy walls in a fabulous color. If you don't want to remove the paneling, try a new finish like painted, glazed or antiqued.
You've got "popcorn" or "cottage cheese" ceilings. These spray on ceiling treatments were popular for several decades but are fairly easy to remove for an updated look. Be aware that may of these treatments contained asbestos if applied before 1977 when asbestos was outlawed.
Your colors were hot in a certain decade and this isn't the one. Remember avocado green and harvest gold in the 70's or mauve and blue in the 90's. Today we need to "neutralize" color schemes. Paint walls in soft neutrals like creams, beiges and pale grays.
You have matched sets of furniture in each room. Today's look is a collected, eclectic look which is always more interesting to look at and live with. But, remember, mixing is an art and you can't mix just any style with any other style.
Wallpaper borders at the top or middle of a room, especially with cute country scenes. Today's look is a wallcovering with a textural look or bold graphics with some styles.
Your bedspread and draperies are in a matching fabric. Mixing patterns and textures is far more interesting and allow you to change part of your room for a fresh look without changing everything.
You have outdated window treatments including cornice boards or swags and cascades. Today's look is simplified with clean lines and solid or textured fabrics.
You have laminate countertops. If you can't afford to redo your entire kitchen, replacing the counter tops will give your kitchen a modern lift. Today there are great choices like granite, quartz, soapstone or concrete for counter top use.
You have a home full of shiny brass accents. In the 90's brass was very in and every new home had shiny brass hardware, plumbing fixtures and lighting. Updated looks have clear chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel or bronze accents one of which will enhance any style.
Your fireplace wall is a natural brick or stone. These were popular for many years but a more updated look is a wood mantel with tile or marble surround. Another great look for today is a cast stone mantel with marble or tile surround.

Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

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