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Wall Coverings

Why Wall Coverings?

Today’s wallcoverings do more than just cover a wall…. They can change the entire appearance of a room. Walls are the largest surface area in any room and as such, they play an important part in establishing a color scheme. There are many kinds of wall coverings… machine printed and hand-screened papers, vinyls, grass cloth and fabrics. Some coverings are pre-pasted, strippable, and scrubbable.


Wallcoverings can be used in lieu of today’s popular faux painted rooms. They have a controlled color result (difficult to get with paint), look so realistic that its hard to tell they are not painted, and yet they are far easier to repair, clean and maintain. Many “faux” papers have wonderful special effects.

For a period or traditional room, there is still no substitute for wallpapers particularly in the Dining Room and Bedrooms where there is a lot of wood furniture and the pattern and color are a welcome relief. In Living Rooms and Family Rooms, wallpapers can be used also, but it is generally easier to use background type papers that allow you maximum freedom to use patterns on your upholstery.

In small rooms that are chopped up with too many openings, a ceiling border may be the one unbroken line in the room. It is important to scale the border to the size of the wall and room. If the room is very small with standard 8’ ceilings, using a chair rail or ceiling border may be effective, but ordinarily it will be less so to use both. In kitchens and bathroom with very little wall space, wall coverings can be hung on ceilings for interest.

Doris Younger Designs has a huge resource library of papers to choose from and we can help you determine a paper that is appropriate in scale, color, etc. for your project.

Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

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