Redesigning and Space Planning
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Redesigning and Space Planning


Have a room in your home that doesn’t feel just right and can’t figure out why? Doris Younger has the knowledge and background to know interior design is more than just the colors and furniture of a room. She has the experience to know how the design and feel of a particular room can affect the people who use it -----and that vision of your space can entirely change the way you see your home.


We work with Dallas and Austin residents to design their homes and make the space in their home more functionally efficient so they can enjoy their home to the fullest.


Do you have a home on the market and not sure why it’s not selling? We can offer advice on how to improve the marketability of your home by accentuating the best features and by creating the look of a more open space inside the home.


Space Planning Expertise

Things to consider in planning include:

- Who will be using the room and for what purpose?
- How would you like the room to feel to you?
- What are the current traffic patterns and do they work well for you?
- Can something be easily modified instead of remodeling or tearing down walls to meet the same goals?
- What space is currently being wasted?
- Is there anything you would like in the room that isn’t there currently?


Beyond the Blueprint

Blueprints only show the overall dimensions of rooms in a home but equally important is what is in the room. Doris Younger is experienced in providing furniture layouts and interior elevation drawings which give true guidance on how to best use any space inside a home. Whether you are remodeling, redesigning, or building a new home, these drawings will show how you can utilize your space to maximize your comfort and goals. As part of the plan, Doris can also create custom interior lighting designs to ensure each room in your home has the appropriate amount of light.

A Living Room You Will Want to Use

You’ve probably visited a home where it seems like no one wants to use the living room. There are a variety of reasons why a room may be ignored:

-The room might have too much clutter in a small space.
-The electrical outlets may not be in the right place for functional use or there is a lack of natural light.
-The lack of a clear entryway or traffic pattern through the room sub-consciously makes it uninviting.
-The current room is so stiff and formal that it is uncomfortable to use.

Perhaps the answer is to open the floor plan so your formal living room is open to your family living space. Or perhaps opening your living room to the dining room or kitchen may work better for you. Whether you need to remodel or simply reevaluate your current living spaces, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Interior Redesign

After a long day, escape and relax in a truly special master bedroom and bathroom. We’ll work with you to make sure your master suite meets your every need. Whether you are updating an older bathroom, converting a closet into a larger bathroom, or converting a bedroom to a full suite, Doris Younger Designs will walk you through it and can work with you to get the finest furnishings, tile work, fixtures and any special treatments required using talented and experienced professionals.

Beautiful, Efficient Kitchen Designs

If you ask any homeowner, most will tell you the kitchen was one of the most important considerations when they bought their home. Whether you love to cook or not, for day-to-day tasks kitchens still require efficiency. No one wants to be in a room where they feel they are constantly in the way of others when they are cleaning the dishes, trying to grab a snack or prepare a meal. A more comfortable, well-planned kitchen will not only make day-to-day use more enjoyable, it will make dinner parties and family get togethers much more enjoyable as well.

We’ll work with your budget and needs and not only plan the new kitchen space, but also direct the entire project for you ensuring it’s done to specifications and as cost-efficiently as possible. Whether you are looking to create a more open, true chef’s kitchen that flows into the rest of your home or an economical galley style kitchen, we have you covered.

When to Redesign Versus Remodel

You know something is not right with your home, but you can’t entirely figure out what it is. We can work with you to identify what is annoying and not functional and develop a plan to make your home your dream home. You may not be entirely sure whether a redesign or partial re-model of your home is needed, however, we can provide you the expertise and cost analysis needed to carry out your plan. Some things to consider when weighing whether to redesign or remodel:

- Is there a storage space or room you do not currently utilize that can be incorporated into other parts of your home?
- Are the current dimensions of a room simply not adequate for you? Or does a room just feel claustrophobic due to the current layout?
- Are you updating appliances and realizing they are in an awkward place currently?
- Are you investing in this to add resale value and marketable appeal to your home or just for your enjoyment.

These considerations can be hard to navigate on your own. Work with a talented, experienced interior design professional to confirm and reach your goals. Doris Younger Designs can help you develop a plan and execute it to make your home more functional and enjoyable.

Give us a call today at (972) 979-7003 to schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation we’ll discuss your goals and work towards making your home the place you’ve always wanted it to be.

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