How To Get the Most Out of Working With An Interior Design Firm
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How To Get the Most Out of Working With An Interior Design Firm

interior design firms in DallasSome people when hiring an interior designer aren't entirely sure what to expect and how much value an interior designer can provide. Take advantage of the following tips to get more out of working with an interior design firm.

Plan Prior to the First Meeting

Having a general sense of the style you want to communicate in the space being decorated by an interior designer will save you time and money. Even if it's the most basic ideas and information, you won't have to spend the time with an interior designer figuring out the general direction of your home's style. If you are not sure where to begin, browse online or read interior design publications to generate ideas.

Have a Color Starting Point

In a similar vein to style, having a starting point for the colors you wish to incorporate into the final design can help your interior designer narrow down the choices faster. You don't necessarily have to already have a palette selected, but having a sense of the types of color tones you like will save you money. Do you like pastels or prefer darker jewel tones? Do you enjoy bright colors or more laid-back colors?

Find Complete Designs You Like

As this is the early stages of the design process, when browsing examples don't overthink this. Try to find examples you simply like. If you know what specific elements you like about the design you can note that also. If you don't, you are still better off to keep it as a reference to bring for your first meeting with an interior design firm.

Get on the Same Page for Schedule and Budget

As with any business relationship, you will want to be on the same page. Discuss with your interior designer the budget and potential schedule for your home's design or re-design. Getting the design of your dreams done right can take time as your interior designer fully plans your ideas around your budget. Items may need to be shipped and ordered and custom furniture can take up to eight weeks to be made and shipped. Keeping these things in mind can help build mutual trust. With that said...

Find a Reliable Interior Designer

Don't be afraid to ask a firm for references and review the company's history to make sure you are working with an experienced, knowledgeable designer. Contact Doris Younger today at (972) 979-7003 for an experienced, reliable interior designer that can work with you to design home interiors you will love.

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